Communications Toolkit

In support of the WHO Global Strategy towards eliminating cervical cancer as a public health problem, Cervical Cancer Action for Elimination (CCAE) has developed this communications toolkit to ensure use of a common set of messages and communication materials—created with input from you and/or your peers—as we unite and rally action at global, regional, and country levels to accelerate progress towards a world free from cervical cancer.

The toolkit aims to assist you to facilitate dialogue with policymakers, media, local government officials, community leaders, and key decision-makers across the health, finance, and education sectors.  The toolkit includes the following elements:

  1. User Guidance Note
  2. Key Messages
  3. Introduction Letter Template
  4. Op-Ed Template
  5. Social Media Post Examples
  6. Fact Sheet Templates

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User Guidance Note

We understand and appreciate that partners, organizations, and countries may be in different points of conversation with key stakeholders. For some, the recent adoption of the WHO global strategy presents an opportunity to initiate conversations for the first time. With this in mind, each material has been developed with the flexibility to support you in a variety of scenarios. This user guidance note provides tips and potential uses for each of the materials developed as part of the toolkit.

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Key Messages

This document provides a common set of core messages that can be used by advocates and tailored, as needed, to drive accurate, consistent positioning and clearly communicate around the urgent action needed to support implementation of the WHO global strategy and end cervical cancer.

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Introduction Letter Template

This document provides a pre-written introduction letter that aims to familiarize policymakers and local government officials from ministries of health, finance, and/or education, as well as cross-sectoral partners and key community leaders with the WHO global strategy and encourage their commitment to its implementation to accelerate the elimination of cervical cancer. You can tailor the messaging with country, regional, or local-specific data points, as needed, to increase relevance and impact.

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Op-Ed Template

This pre-written opinion piece that advocates can tailor with relevant statistics and/or anecdotes based on regional or local contexts can be pitched for placement in a regional or local news outlet. The aim of the op-ed is to raise awareness of and spark dialogue around cervical cancer elimination, including implementation of WHO’s global strategy. If the ambition is for the op-ed to be published on larger, international platforms, joining international advocacy groups has been noted a good starting point.

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Social Media Posts

This document provides sample, pre-written social media posts targeting local and global health policymakers, community/faith leaders and key cervical cancer stakeholders that can be tailored, as needed, and distributed on your own Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook channels. Across the CCAE community, we hope to build a consistent digital dialogue over the coming months that will raise awareness of cervical cancer elimination and encourage collective action in support of the implementation of the WHO global strategy.

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Fact Sheet Templates

The Global Fact Sheet provides an overview of the burden of cervical cancer, the rationale of why we need to act today, and a series of recommended actions for advocates and decision-makers to take today.

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The customizable country template is similar to the global template but can be adjusted with country-specific figures are actions.

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