Cervical Cancer Action for Elimination

CCAE mission

The Cervical Cancer Action for Elimination (CCAE) is a network of organizations working together to accelerate global progress towards a world free from cervical cancer.


A world free of cervical cancer, where:

  • All girls are fully vaccinated against HPV by the age of 15;
  • All women receive at least 2 preventative cervical screenings in their lifetime, with appropriate treatment of any precancerous lesions;
  • All women with suspicion of cervical cancer are referred, diagnosed and treated promptly at early stages of the disease;
  • All women with invasive cervical cancer have access to supportive and palliative care.


CCAE and its partners strive to:

  • Unite and rally the global health community–and key stakeholders from other communities–around the WHO Global Strategy to Accelerate the Elimination of Cervical Cancer as a Public Health Problem and 2030 targets, recognizing the value of a neutral, partner-centric platform to help mobilize and elevate a diverse alliance of voices and experiences to drive progress.
  • Drive awareness around the global burden of cervical cancer, highlighting solutions and imparting a sense of urgency for action to achieve the corresponding targets on HPV vaccination, screening using high-performance tests, and effective treatment of precancerous lesions and invasive cancers (referred to as the 90:70:90 targets)
  • Facilitate and promote a cohesive narrative for cervical cancer elimination.
  • Support civil society advocates in rallying their communities and governments to commit to and deliver concrete actions towards the 2030 targets.
  • Facilitate the exchange of best practices in research, innovation, and learning for impactful interventions.

Our work

CCAE endorses the WHO’s Global Strategy to Accelerate the Elimination of Cervical Cancer as a Public Health Problem and calls on civil society to rally their governments to commit to a plan for the national elimination of cervical cancer.

CCAE builds connections and synergies between organizations advocating for cervical cancer elimination regionally and globally. It provides a forum for sharing information and resources, as well as amplifying the work of civil society and its shared messaging around the world.

To support the implementation of the WHO’s global strategy, CCAE network partners are working together to promote a common communication strategy that drives urgency and mobilizes commitment for cervical cancer elimination.


Founded in 2006, Cervical Cancer Action (CCA) convened a group of civil society organizations and individuals committed to building momentum for action on cervical cancer prevention.

In 2019, following the WHO call for global cervical cancer elimination, CCA rebranded as Cervical Cancer Action for Elimination (CCAE) to directly support the WHO and accelerate global progress towards cervical cancer elimination.

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