Blog Posts

Welcome to CCAE Network’s very first blog post!

Over the years, CCA (and now CCAE) has strived to amplify the stories and successes of cervical cancer advocates and survivors across the globe. CCAE makes every effort to share these items faithfully and powerfully, and does so with the aim of inspiring and empowering peers in the fight to end cervical cancer.

A lot of this content has been shared via CCAE social media channels, newsletters, or on partners’ websites and, as a result, the messaging has reached wide and diverse audiences far beyond our core community.

The CCAE Network is currently in the process of re-evaluating its approach to knowledge exchange and advocate support. It’s been recognised that – in addition to using these valuable platforms – it would be beneficial to have a collective repository for these pieces to enable easy knowledge-sharing and quick action. By doing this, your resources and stories will continue being as useful as possible for as long as possible. And, as current best practices advance, the work we document here will become something we can look back on in the coming months and years to see how far we have come.

So for now, we welcome you to CCAE’s new blog, and ask you to stay tuned and contribute to this space. We’re confident that together, we can continue to share guidance, champion, raise awareness of and ultimately unite the work of our community. We can and we will eliminate cervical cancer in the lifetime of today’s youngest girl!