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Why Now?


Every year, cervical cancer affects nearly 500,000 women and takes the lives of over a quarter million worldwide.

Women in developing countries bear the brunt of this disease, with 85% of deaths from cervical cancer occurring in poor countries, due to extremely limited availability of screening and treatment.

This stands in stark contrast to economically advanced countries, which have been able to dramatically reduce cervical cancer rates in the last 60 years thanks to routine screening with Papanicolau (Pap) smears.

Why now? Because the world now has an extraordinary opportunity: powerful new tools that can significantly reduce the global burden of cervical cancer. These innovations, which include HPV vaccines and new screening technologies, have dramatically increased the world's attention to cervical cancer and opened the door to global action.

Why now? Because women and girls in poor countries have the right to equal access to life-saving technologies.

Why now? Because we have an opportunity to save lives... how can we not?

Photo: PATH/Mike Wang