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 Governing Council

 Cervical Cancer Action

Taking Cervical Cancer Prevention to Scale: Protecting All Women and Girls

In November 2015, CCA launched a five-year initiative committed to prioritizing investments in the health of adolescent girls and women and building momentum for action on global cervical cancer prevention.


Recorded webinars

CCA has hosted several global webinars on cervical cancer screening and treatment, including the January 2015 webinar, "WHO's comprehensive global guidance on cervical cancer control: new evidence, guidance and fundamentals for country-level success." If you missed them, watch them now.


CCA maps of Visual inspection, HPV DNA, and HPV vaccination
CCA has been tracking rollout of new approaches to cervical cancer prevention. See the latest versions of our global maps.


Cervical Cancer Action: A Global Coalition to Stop Cervical Cancer is a community of organizations and individuals dedicated to working collaboratively to eliminate cervical cancer deaths worldwide.


The Coalition seeks to maximize the impact of individuals, organizations, and governments working to prevent cervical cancer globally through strategic advocacy, information sharing, human and resource mobilization, and collaborative partnerships.


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Latest publications

CCA Report CardProgress in Cervical Cancer Prevention: The CCA Report Card 2015

This report assesses global readiness to fight cervical cancer using new approaches and new technologies, especially in regions where the disease is a common killer. It underscores the urgent need for the global community to prioritize this issue on global health and development agendas.


Cervical Cancer Action: 2007 to 2014 . . . and beyond

Seven years after our founding and eight years after HPV vaccines first became available, Cervical Cancer Action offers a snapshot of our accomplishments to date and our vision of the work ahead.


HPV Vaccination in Populations with High HIV Prevalence

This issue brief provides guidance on use of HPV vaccine where HIV is common.